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Annoyed With Christmas Music?

As a pastor, you are responsible for leading and shepherding your church. Part of that role involves pointing out things others miss. And you have that responsibility with Christmas music.

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Ditch The Bulletin

Love them or hate them, bulletins have been a part of the church world for ages. But as the digital world progresses, should our printed

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Planning Ahead for Christmas

Imagine it’s October 3. Hypothetically speaking. You’re drinking your pumpkin spice beverage. (Don’t hate.) You’re enjoying the changing of the color of the leaves. Perhaps

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The Promo Request Checklist

How do you handle promotions & communications requests? As a church communications or marketing person, receiving promotions requests from every which way is pretty common.

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Leading Lyrics

We’ve all been there – you’re singing along and you’re 2 lines into the next slide before the operator advances to the next slide of lyrics. It?s brutal. I mean brutal.
It feels like the congregation is on a roller coaster ride of singing together.
Being late on leading lyrics halts the worship of your people.

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3 Effective Time Savers

“Time is money” is a phrase that’s been around since the 1700’s (thank you Ben Franklin) for a reason. Because it’s true. We put a

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