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The Win

Love your team. Show them how to be excellent, but don’t lose sight of The Win.

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Pastor First.

This is the secret sauce to building a dynamic volunteer culture at your church.  You have to care more about who your volunteers are becoming

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Planning Ahead for Christmas

Imagine it’s October 3. Hypothetically speaking. You’re drinking your pumpkin spice beverage. (Don’t hate.) You’re enjoying the changing of the color of the leaves. Perhaps

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The End of Seminary

Seminaries might have to begin ethical conversations about the promises they are making and the damage such promises are likely to render on the families of young pastors. If seminary is easy to enroll in, expensive, and offers no critical proof of tangible results, what is the value of seminary?

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How to Win the Hearts of Your Volunteers

I’m a broken record when it comes to the number one thing you can do as a leader to grow your volunteer team – Pastor Your People First. You have to put the emotional and spiritual needs of your volunteers over the excellence of your experience. You must care more about who your people are becoming than what they do on your team. You must focus on their heart condition more than the button they push.

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How to Schedule your Volunteers

One of the keys to a dynamic Volunteer Team is scheduling your volunteers in such a way that there is a clear expectation of who is serving when. Planning is key. A ‘fly-by-your-seat, chasing down people to serve every week’ approach is a recipe for confusion and burnout – both for you and your volunteers.

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