Articles about web, tech, and production at church.

Creating A Healthy Volunteer Culture

Church, we can buy gear all we want, but volunteers are the life-blood of our ministry. To keep our volunteer culture healthy, make sure you are leading your volunteers technically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Social Media is a Tool, Not a Goal

My father-in-law loves carpentry. He collects woodworking tools?he?s got a whole workshop full of them. And I enjoy working with him on a few carpentry projects. It?s actually taught me something valuable about marketing.

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5 Game-Changing Ideas for Your Production Team

Use these 5 game-changing ideas to see growth and results with your production team- Be intentional about raising up leaders, make your hangout spaces awesome, do a full run-through during the week, train effectively, be intentional about loving God and loving People.

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