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3 Ways to Create a Dynamic Worship Experience Flow

In creating the flow of your worship service, you are creating the experience for the people that attend. In placing elements of your service in the order you want, you determine the journey in which they go on. So, how can you make it dynamic? Exciting? Cohesive? Memorable?

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6 Tips on Creating a Dynamic Service Flow

Your Sunday worship service is the hub for other activities at your church. It’s the main event. It’s the gathering for your entire church. It would make sense that you would want to pour the most time, energy, and money into creating this experience. It’s also the event you should spend most of your time planning.

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5 Video Elements that Will Transform Your Worship Services

No matter where you church is at in regards to executing a media-rich worship service, these 5 elements can add spice and engage your audience. Like any media element, if you use the same thing over and over, your audience may get desensitized to it, so be sure to change these out per series or every few weeks to keep things fresh.

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The Postures of Worship

I don?t know about you, but I can quickly pick up on a worship leader?s?approach and?posture. If it?s a positive?experience and the worship leader is

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