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The right person for the job. You know they’re out there. But where?

How do you find that perfect motion designer, graphic designer, worship leader…you know what you need. But you don’t know where to find them. You post a job offer on a message board?something meant to help you find that perfect specimen?but nothing’s happening.

I’m convinced the right person for the job might be closer than you think. You just need to know where to look. Here are a few ideas to help you find that right next church employee.

In Your Congregation

The perfect candidate for the job might already be in your congregation. The benefit for getting someone like this is that they’re already bought into your church’s vision. They’ve been attending because they love being part of your church. You already know they’ll probably be a good fit.[quote]The perfect candidate for the job might already be in your congregation.[/quote]

The problem is: They’re probably already employed at a great company with great benefits. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re a catch.

But just because they have a job doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be willing to take a pay cut in order to work for an organization where they’ve already found belonging. Look for the folks in your church who seem busy, happy, and successful. They might just be your church’s next best employee if you’re willing to ask.

In Your Networks

Are you connected with other churches or pastors? Let them know you need an employee. If you’re good enough friends with the folks, they might even give you a lead for someone in their own congregation. Many times pastors know the perfect candidate is in their congregation, but they just don’t have a job available?for the person.

They might be willing to send them your way. And even though they haven’t yet bought into your church’s vision, there’s a good chance they’ll buy in quickly because of the familiar connections.

If you haven’t connected with other churches and pastors in your area and around the world, why not? You should start doing that right now. There’s no reason to navigate the waters of ministry alone. There are others going through this same journey who’d love to become your friend.[quote]There’s no reason to navigate the waters of ministry alone.[/quote]


While you’re looking for that perfect next church employee, consider farming out the work to freelance connections. Reach out to some of the best creative minds and portfolios that you can find. I guarantee they might not be as expensive as you think.

Then, as you demonstrate how easy you are to work with and the freelancer gets the vision for what your church is trying to accomplish, let it be known you’re looking for a full-time employee. You might be surprised that the freelancer might want to join your time. It’s a long shot, but who knows.

More likely, though, the freelancer will have a friend who’s looking for a job that they can recommend to you. The benefit of this is that you turn the freelancer into the headhunter for you. They have an idea of what your church is seeking, and they would love to help you out since you’ve been a great client.

You might be able to find the right employee through a job board. But I’ve always found relationships are some of your best resources for getting great employees. Be willing to look there first and I believe you’ll have more success in the?hunt for the perfect one.



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