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If you haven’t seen “Best Time Ever” yet, you need to. It’s a stunning feat of live television mixed with variety show. Crazy.

It’s entertaining. But the craziest thing about it is the risks they take with live television. It’s actually a bit scary to watch it because?anyone who works in churches or live production environments can attest to this?anything can happen.

They ambush people in the studio and on-location with surprises. They have live “finish the lyrics” games with people from their houses over Skype. They do stunts?even the host, Neil Patrick Harris does. I’m pretty convinced every time they’re just seconds away from a major disaster. But it’s a blast to see the crew and Neil manage the things that come their way.

I’m convinced every creative person needs to watch the show. It’s an achievement.

It’s on NBC,?On-Demand, and Hulu. Check it out!

Have you seen the show? What’s your opinion on it? You think it’ll stick around or be cancelled like networks so love to do?


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