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The typical Christmas service at Church on the Move over the last few years has been big and entertaining. Thus the visual theme for their graphics has matched that sort of feel.

But in 2014, Christmas Eve was a departure from the normal. They went more traditional. The entire 2014 year had?been much more about serving the community and getting their church involved in the giving.

So when the creative team?started talking about what Christmas would look like visually, the big words were refined and clean. They didn?t want traditional, but they wanted more traditional than what they?ve been doing. That?s what started the look and feel of Church on the Move’s Christmas brand.

Greg Vennerholm, the design director at Church on the Move, decided to focus on an image of candlelight. It was actually a photo of?their annual candlelighting moment from 2013. He did very little to the image to get it where he liked. He just added some simple typography (Bodoni font) and a ribbony treatment of the word ?Eve?. Surprisingly simple.

Combine that with the fact that they weren?t doing a huge push to get their community into their services, and that meant for a relatively easy time for the graphics department.

They used this graphic look for every piece they designed:

  • Invite cards
  • Mini website
  • Social media images
  • Facebook images
  • Promotional videos
  • Share graphics
  • Promotions at the Christmas train

The graphics were separate from their visuals and promotion for the Christmas Train?their outreach event that takes place at their summer camp an hour out of town. But they used the Christmas Train as an opportunity to promote the Christmas Eve services at Church on the Move. Thus there was a strong Church on the Move?Christmas visual presence there.

Here?s the take home for you and your church this Christmas season: Sometimes simple is all it takes to do what’s right for your Christmas branding. Don’t overthink it if you come across something that works.


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