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Christ?s Church of the Valley?s communications and marketing strategy is very specific. They?ve chosen a rather narrow target demographic that they gear all their communication toward. Their target audience is 25-40 year-old men.

Their pastor?s philosophy on ministry is that you reach who you are?not necessarily who you want to reach. Because of their pastor?s age and particular giftings, he tends to reach 25-40 year-old men who are coach-types and leaders. That?s who he is. And he?s incorporated that into the church?s whole strategy.

They tend to reach businessmen and athletes?strong leaders and those who value strong leadership. And they believe once they?re able to hit that target, it spreads out and reaches even more. If they try to be someone they aren?t and try to reach everyone, they believe they?ll tend to hit no one.

Specifically, they focus on reaching men, because they know when they?re able to reach a father, he?ll bring his whole family with him. It?s statistically 90% likely that if you reach a man, you?ll reach his whole family.

Because their pastor believes so strongly in that ministry philosophy, they gear everything they do toward reaching men. They choose their building design, paint colors, print graphics, announcements? Every bit of communication is meant to reach the men.

Even a women?s event?though the target is women?will be marketed in such a way that if a man were to see the card, he?d be interested in it. That might seem a bit extreme, but they?re quick to let the whole congregation in on their strategy. They announce it at least four or five teams each year from the stage. And they?ve found it actually reaches more people.

Once people understand the philosophy, the CCV team has noticed that people get behind the idea. Instead of making women feel unvalued, they can support the idea because they want to reach the men in their lives too.



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