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Leading up to their Easter services, The Oaks Fellowship tried to create some great community buzz. They figured the best way to create Easter buzz in their community was to have a hunt that was in the community. Thus, they created the Golden Bucket Hunt.

They created ten golden buckets with special prizes in them. They were filled with handwritten notes, promo cards, treats, and a special big prize: 1 month of groceries, 1 month?s water bill paid, 1 month?s rent/mortage, etc. These were prizes that were less gimmicky and more practical in meeting people?s needs. The communication team worked with their community engagement team to get these prizes donated by local businesses. Then they hid them around Ellis County (their county) every few days between March 8th and April 4th.

The central promo space for this Golden Bucket Hunt was their mini site, The website had a countdown to the next release of a golden bucket location. When the location was revealed, the hunt was on. The idea was to get their congregation to share this with their friends. Unfortunately, the bucket hunt tended to reach their own congregation since the prizes were so good. Still beneficial for promotion, though.

When the bucket was found, there was a hidden camera team there to video and capture the story. They also took the opportunity to have a staff member pray with the bucket winner. Then they posted those videos to the site and on social media.

Take a look at some of the videos.

[tentblogger-youtube CmVZxRReymY]

[tentblogger-youtube 7AxFb17inBI]

[tentblogger-youtube T-Z2EHTvogo]

[tentblogger-youtube YQeh_nwLk9c]

In addition to the Golden Bucket Hunt, they supported local community Easter egg hunts by promoting the local events, donating 10,000 ?Find Easter? buckets, and providing free family photos (by their volunteer photography team). They had a team at the Easter egg hunts to take family photos of those in attendance. Then they pointed the families to the website to download the photos.


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