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I believe that creativity in the church matters.

It matters because creativity is an expression of God?s plan. God created the earth and He created you to be creative inside His creation. God gave you the gifts and the tools required to create and the mind that works creatively to solve mysteries, dream dreams, and help connect story to the image of the Creator.

Creativity matters in the church because it is important. If it was valuable enough for God to use creativity to form the earth ? and He could have formed it any way He wanted ? don?t you think it matters to have it represented in our meetings, ministries, services, outreach, marketing, purpose, and mission? The Bible says, ?In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth.? The creativity that God has entrusted you to steward is not an afterthought, nor just a design, nor the sounds of instruments, nor the look of a stage, nor the tools you use on social media. Everything that happens in our churches needs creativity at the center of its DNA from the beginning, because ??in the beginning God created.?

Creativity matters in the church because creativity is necessary; creativity creates solutions. Our biggest problems, challenges, and opportunities are waiting on creativity to solve, develop, and enhance our churches. Creativity is the equalizer. It is powerful and it can generate momentum. Engage your creativity to solve problems and keep your church developing.

Creativity is important in the church and it must be protected because it?s under attack. There is never enough time, resources, people, or money. Margin is valuable. Great and engaged creativity takes intentionality. It requires margin to be created. Ideas are plentiful, but amazing execution of those ideas is a rare commodity. We have to protect the artists, the ideas, and the creative cultures that God intended for His church. We have to refuse to rinse and repeat because it is safe. We have to avoid the trap of comparison that kills creativity and tarnishes the soul of the artist. We have to remember that, as leaders, our job is stewardship and vision, not management and duplication.[quote]Ideas are plentiful, but amazing execution of those ideas is a rare commodity.[/quote]

Creativity is important in our churches because God created and loves the artists that are creating in the church. He not only wants these artists to share His story, He wants them to take the story and connect it to the culture around them. God cares about the artist. God cares about you. He has a plan, He is in control, and He is ready for us to be brave and create with passion. God wants to instill courage inside of you because courage is the activator of the creative revival that God is birthing in and through the artists, the singers, the dreamers ? through you!

Are you ready to create?



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