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One of the best parts of being a creative thinker is the ability to spot a problem and devise a solution. Not only does this personality trait help you stay creative, it also helps your organization get better and it makes you become a ?go-to? player in your organization. But where does creativity come from? Is it about luck? Opportunity? Inspiration? Or is necessity the mother of invention?

Probably all of the above?

When we are in need, we have to be resourceful. In the church, we rely on using volunteers and coming up with alternative ways to accomplish the tasks our pastors are asking for on Sundays, solving technical issues as they arise. The ability to respond quickly to moments of tension, need, or necessity provides canvases for the creative church equivalent of improvisation. And improv is extremely creative.[quote]When we are in need, we have to be resourceful.[/quote]

Then there is luck. Luck is the moments when necessity teaches us something, because in the moment we got lucky and derived a new method, system, idea, or solution. Luck shows up when we work really hard and consistently. In those moments we have to slow down and capture the essence of the success so we can repeat it in the future.[quote]Luck shows up when we work really hard and consistently.[/quote]

Opportunity is often provided by necessity. In the moments where we are not looking for a chance, opportunities can arise. Opportunities give us a chance to stretch our leadership, develop new ideas, engage more volunteers, and create momentum. Andy Stanley has said that new, improved, or improving are the fire starters for momentum, and opportunities birthed from necessity can create all of those for us. Opportunities are also a great place for people to step up and increase their value because, in those moments, leaders are looking for solutions, not organizational charts.[quote]Leaders are looking for solutions, not organizational charts.[/quote]

Finally, necessity can provide inspiration. As a creative class, we are always looking for inspiration (at least we should be). Keeping our antennae up and identifying inspirational opportunities in the midst of the necessity to create can help us grow our creative muscles. I am a firm believer that creativity is a lot more about muscle than it is magic and working to find inspiration in our necessity is one of the best exercises for our creative muscles.

So today, as you are navigating your day, your email, your task list, and your relationships, remember that God has lessons for you to learn and opportunities for you to improve in every necessity that comes along today. You were made for this, He has you, and your best most creative days are ahead.

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