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It seems inevitable: we?re the first one in, last one out. Every church technical leader can relate. It is our job.

Managing details, leading volunteers, and ensuring our gear and systems are in good working condition can be a quite a load to carry. Add anything from a last-minute video request to a full-blown holiday event, and the eyeballs of church techs everywhere begin the roll.

For some of us, we don?t even realize we do it. The church tech ?industry? has a reputation for it. Maybe you are there right now. It?s that place in your role as a church tech where you are asked a question and you have a sarcastic response. It may be when you are asked to assist with a tech issue or event that you complain?most likely under your breath.

It?s a negative attitude?with just about everything that doesn?t work as you think it should. It makes you grumpy all the time. It makes the musicians tiptoe around you and talk behind your back. It makes you feel exhausted about each day. It?s called cynicism. Cynicism spreads like a cancer and is fatal to your spirit.

Don?t think you?re there or not sure you?ve been there? Just ask others around you; they will know for sure.[quote]Your spiritual health as a church tech is more important than your knowledge of gear.[/quote]

Your spiritual health as a church tech is more important than your knowledge of gear. Pray that God protects your heart and relationships. Pay attention to your attitude and your interactions with others. Here are a few antidotes that will help cut the cancer of cynicism out of your life.

Remember the Vision

Why are you doing what you are doing? Remind yourself that God is using you to build His Kingdom. You need to know the vision of your church?not just the mission statement, but the vision. Not the paragraph of clever sentences you were made to memorize, but the vision your pastor has for the church where you serve. If you believe God has you where He wants you, then serving the vision of your church will fuel your heart.

Often times serving that vision requires a great deal of time and attention on your part?caring for details and leading volunteers. Protect your heart from the cancer of cynicism. You play a role in seeing lives transformed by the Gospel. Remember why you do what you do. Pray over your tasks, volunteers, and gear. Ask God to continue to use your team to reach more people for Him.[quote]You play a role in seeing lives transformed by the Gospel.[/quote]

Trust the Team

You may be heading into your third day planning for another long night at church and someone heads out the door mid-afternoon. You do everything you can to muster up a civil response to their peppy ?have a good day!?

We can often get wrapped up in everything we have to get done for the upcoming weekend and take the last-minute request from our pastor. We don?t really know (or take the time to find out) what others have on their plate. It is easy to feel like we are the only ones working long hours.

1 Corinthians 12:12-27 says we are one body with many parts. We all play a part in making it happen. Take a good look at everything happening within your church. You may feel like you are supporting all those events, classes, and services, but there are also other people, volunteer and paid-staff, involved. There is a good chance others are spending just as many hours preparing for the services as you are.

There are times when we are so absorbed in our own responsibilities that we ignore the team around us.

Trust is important when it comes to being on a team. You have to trust your team is bringing their best just as much as you. Don?t allow the enemy to tell you that you are serving alone. The evil one can do great damage to your heart when you become isolated and feel like you are making it all happen by yourself.[quote]Don?t allow the enemy to tell you that you are serving alone.[/quote]

Share stories about how God is moving in people?s lives within your church. Talk with pastors and other staff about conversations they have with people after your services. Find those stories about how folks are engaging with God and being challenged in your church. Once you hear these stories, tell them to other staff members and volunteers. Celebrate as a team.

God will use you. What we get to do is pretty awesome and pretty intense. Protecting your heart from cynicism will keep you healthy. That healthy attitude will shine through in how you approach your to-do list and how you interact with others. That attitude honors God.[quote]Protecting your heart from cynicism will keep you healthy.[/quote]

And isn?t that ultimately what this is all about?



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