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Michael Tuszynski from Church Media Squad has put together a list of ideas for graphics (or plain text posts) you can develop to stay connected with your congregation during the #COVID19 outbreak.

Things are turning digital in the coming weeks. 

That means we are ALL running into a change in our strategy in how we connect with our congregations and communities, whether we like it or not. Our people are now going to spend way more time at home. 

That means event cancellations. Change of plans. Stockpiling of coffee! (I know that’s what I’m doing ?)

The crazy thing, though? 

With this change to indoor living, remote working, and ‘homeschooling’…

Your people will be on social media platforms. More. Than. Ever. Before. 

Since all of our plans changed for the next few weeks, how can we best engage with our church members while they stay in their homes? What can we do to bring ‘church services’ to them?

With your people now spending more time on social media, it’s time to plan for it and capitalize on it. 

I have put together a list of ideas for graphics (or plain text posts) you can develop to stay connected with your congregation…

  1. Daily Scripture Reading Plan
    This is a great way to get your entire church on the same reading plan. Make it interactive and post questions to go along with each reading.

  2. At-home Study question page(s) for a passage of scripture
    Write up a weekly study guide to help your people continue to grow in their knowledge of the Word while services are out. Make sure to make them family-friendly!

  3. Social media quote images (Scripture or sermon quotes)
    Use scripture, sermon quotes, whatever you’d like to find ways to encourage your people during this time of uncertainty.

  4. Online giving how-tos
    Do a slide through Instagram post of a step-by-step on how folks can give to the church. Make sure you also remind folks of the ways their giving helps reach and serve the surrounding community.

  5. Slide through social cards (al-la Instagram) on your church’s response to the coming weeks of isolation.
    While not designed for engagement, your people WILL be checking your social pages to get up to date information on how your church is responding to the isolation requests.

  6. Suggested readings sheets
    Everyone is about to get REAL bored. Give them some suggestions from the pastors on books or scripture passages to read. Music to listen to. Movies to watch. Pretty much anything to help folks pass the time at home.

  7. Suggested at-home worship music
    Just because we can’t gather doesn’t mean we can’t worship together. Send out a suggested at-home worship setlist along with accompanying Spotify/YouTube links.

  8. Event rescheduling
    If you’ve been planning anything for Easter or other events, now is the time to let people know your plans.

  9. Get those connect cards redesigned, or pretty much anything else
    Hey, you’ve got some downtime. Why not use it to update the design and layout of some crucial pieces? Then you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when things open back up. 

  10. Encouragement posts
    Your people are likely hurting right now. Some are worried about losing jobs. Some might have already. It’s crucial you encourage them or just put a smile on their face. For a fun one, share pictures of all the staffs’ animals and ask everyone to share pics of their favorite pets.

  11. Bible lessons for kids or other kids activities
    Pretty much every kid just got thrown into homeschooling overnight. Help resource your parents and give them plenty of materials to take the opportunity of this time together to grow their kids’ love for God.

  12. Favorite local shops to grab take-out from
    Small businesses are hurting and you might even have some of those small shop owners in your church. Share a list of favorite local places folks can grab some to-go food and coffee in your area. Remind folks to stay safe though!

That’s just a starting list of ideas.

What are some other things you can think of that will keep you connected? 

What are some of the images/designs you are already sharing on social?

Church Media Squad has developed a collection of graphics to help you communicate well through the current crisis. Download them here for FREE.



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