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When Kelvin Co and his creative team sat down to work on visuals for Easter at The Oaks Fellowship, they began with the desire for a logo. Their plan was to hire a freelance designer to design the packaging?(more on that later).

Here is some of the direction on where they went with the designs.

The conversation started with three main goals for the logo.

  1. They wanted it to center around their key verse, 1 John 4:19. It didn?t need to include the verse anywhere in the design, but the feel of the Scripture?needed to be there.
  2. The logo couldn?t be weird. For instance, an unsaved friend might find the ?find love? part of ?Find Easter. Find Love.? a bit off-putting. So the ?find love? shouldn?t be the main focus of the logo.
  3. At the same time, they did want ?love? somewhere hidden in there as a secondary element they could discover after the initial impact of the logo.

As they were working on the logo, they realized one of the main places it would be used was on an Easter egg bucket. So they wanted to make sure it worked.

Their designer grabbed a stylized version of a bucket online and slapped the logo on there. They liked it so much that they actually made that part of the logo. It was a happy accident that turned into one of the signature symbols for the whole campaign.

Take a look at some of the uses of the logo and some of the ways they incorporated the feel of the logo throughout their promo pieces.

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2990_Easter 2015_Brand_Horizontal

Invite Card

2990_Easter 2015_InviteCard

Social Media Images

FindEaster Instagram Services-01 FindEaster Instagram_Stacked_Yellow-01-01 FindEaster Instagram_Yellow_Bucket-01


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