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Someone on Twitter asked me to recommend some books on story the other day, and I thought I’d share my quick list with the rest of the class. Here are (affiliate) links to my favorite books on story:

A Million Miles In a Thousand Years ? Donald Miller
There’s is where I started with story, and so it makes sense to me that you should start there too.

Start With Why ? Simon Sinek
A great book ? eye-opening really ? about what it means to tell a compelling story rather than trying to win people over with facts and features.

Winning the Story Wars ? Jonah Sachs
This is written with a brand or organization in mind, and I found it incredibly helpful.

Resonate ? Nancy Duarte
What a well-done book. There’s a reason the best speakers in the world seek her guidance in improving their communication skills.

The Story of God, the Story of Us ? Sean Gladding
A moving retelling of the biblical narrative.

Save the Cat ? Blake Snyder
An accessible introduction to the types and structure of stories that make it to the big screen.

Tell Me a Story ? Scott McClellan
Hey, that’s me! I wrote this one, so I’m biased, but I think you’d like it.


What am I missing? What are your favorite books on story?



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2 replies on “My Favorite Books On Story”

Story by Robert McKee is the story bible. Leaning what makes a good story changed how I told stories and even lived my own story out in life. Great collection on this post, I’ll be sure to check some out.

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