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Each year, we celebrate the opportunity to do new things and achieve new goals. Through that growth, we can accomplish things that we never thought were possible before.

It?s safe to say none of us have achieved perfection. In fact, there are things we can all do to become better people and better tech leaders. Here are a few things I?ll be working on this next year. I?m willing to bet you could benefit from these things too.

Better Communication

One thing I?m beginning to think more about is how to communicate in a way that is best for the other person and not necessarily myself. We all have our ways of approaching situations, events, meetings, and whatever else we have to deal with. But, it?s selfish to approach them all in a way that keeps us completely comfortable.

If you really want to work alongside someone else and partner with them, think about your target audience and meet them where they are. Maybe that?s a coworker that?s difficult or you don?t typically get along with as easily as others. Maybe it?s someone that always seems to have an idea that makes you internally sigh because you really don?t want to do it. Consider approaching the things you need to communicate in a way that works better for them and not a way you?re as comfortable with. Yield your preference to the other person?s needs and honor them. The things you have to communicate will go more smoothly if you approach with that posture.[quote]Yield your preference to the other person?s needs and honor them.[/quote]


Over the past year and a half, I?ve started running a lot. Training for half marathons and marathons has proved to teach me a lot about myself and how I need to take care of my health. When you?re running, you need to listen to the feedback your muscles, joints, lungs, and heart are trying to give you. Otherwise, you?ll run yourself into a really bad place; one that is full of injuries, pain, weakness and a loss of any progress you made to initially get yourself there. Ultimately, you?ve pushed yourself into a bad place that affects every aspect of your life, not just your running.

I?m learning it?s the same way with work. I?ve realized that I?ve pushed myself too hard in certain areas and they?ve affected areas that aren?t even connected, because I didn?t set effective boundaries for myself. How much endurance do you have? What boundaries do you need to set? What is the most you can do and best you can deliver without hurting yourself? Decide that. Then, after you find your limits, you need to decide how much of your time, effort, and resources you want to throw at any specific area.

Technical Skills

Leadership and spiritual maturity are important; but you can?t forget about keeping your technical skills sharp. I?ve noticed a lot of interesting trends in the industry lately and there?s a lot of advances that are being made both in high-end gear but also in tech for smaller format applications. I think with some strategic planning and the reduction of prices for certain types of technology, more and more churches will have access to some pretty cool gear that can help facilitate their services and communicate the message more clearly.

While we need to be constantly assessing our progress, processes, and standings in relationships and work throughout the year, if there are areas that you need to make a definitive change and take things a new and more healthy direction, the new year might be a great time to draw a line in the sand and make the necessary changes. They don?t have to be a sudden change, because that rarely works. But they do need to happen.

It?s a great time to plan strategically and create a game plan for success over the next year.

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