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Healthy leaders know when to praise their followers and how to praise them. They know how to speak their language and bring out the best in others.

We replicate what we celebrate, right?

The Chicago Cubs won last year?s World Series for the first time in over 100 years. Do you think the fans of the Cubs and the Cubs players celebrated? You bet! In fact, their first home game of this season, the celebration lasted nearly an hour as they applauded what had taken over a century to take place.

If we celebrate something happening, it?s more likely to happen again. If we find ourselves happy with an outcome and associate it with a celebration, we?re always even more determined to see it happen again.

Good and healthy leaders recognize what the Cubs and every championship team knows, praise and celebrate when the good things happen. When someone does something over and above, celebrate it. When someone shows initiative in an area no one else has, praise them. When someone is able to improve a department in a way no one else has ever thought of, recognize them. Praise those that do that job well.

Here are 4 things healthy leaders should look for constantly in?their organization and praise when they find it.


Good leaders like to see dedication out of those that follow them and out of those around them. In today?s society, dedication and loyalty are hard to come by. Good leaders recognize how difficult it is to build loyalty and find moments to praise it when it shines forth. Dedication to themselves and to the vision they carry should be top on a leader?s list to praise when it rises to the top.?When someone turns down another opportunity for more money, when an unkind word could have been spoken, when pride could have taken over but didn?t; those are the things good leaders look for and praise.


Leaders make a way. Leaders like to see others that make a way as well. Words like, ?I can?t,? ?We?ll never be able to,? ?I don?t have it in the budget,? and so on should bring about innovation in an organization and leaders. In fact, finances and time are often acting in direct opposite of innovation. Good leaders praise when their followers make a way that looks impossible and find a way to get the vision accomplished when they know it?s difficult or cumbersome.


Good leaders multiply themselves. Many of us have heard that all of our lives. What happens, though, when even the people at the 3rd and 4th levels of the organization begin multiply themselves as well? That?s how organizations experience exponential and?explosive growth. Good leaders commend when this happens. We ultimately replicate what we celebrate and we should be celebrating when people on any level of our organization finds themselves multiplied. Don?t always?use it as a reason to move someone up or down the organizational structure, use it as a way to celebrate healthy teams.


Being a considerate team member is crucial in fast paced environments. Small organizations especially should look for considerate team members. These are those people who genuinely have the entire organization in their minds. These folks are willing to do a job even if it?s not their job and even if they aren?t?the most qualified to do it. They consider the overall health of the organization and guard it by being a team player. Celebrate that as a leader. Praise it when you see it.

It may not be a World Series championship or a life milestone, but healthy leaders know when to praise their followers and how to praise them. They know how to speak their language and bring out the best in others.

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