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Now that the online Christian outrage machine?has recovered from Darren Aronofsky?s and Russel Crowe?s Noah, Ridley Scott and Christian Bale are bringing us a film about Moses. The trailer for Exodus: Gods and Monsters just dropped and you should have a look:

If you?ll recall, the release of Noah triggered a deluge of commentary on what the film got wrong. And that?s all fine, but what, if anything, do these movies get right? To me, storytellers like Scott and Aronofsky (and Cecil B. DeMille for that matter) prove themselves capable exegetes of the conflict, tension, and emotion in the biblical stories where modern evangelicals routinely prefer to focus on the facts and figures.

The church wants to focus on the divinity, Holly wood wants to focus on the humanity. The church wants you to know the exact words spoken by Moses, Hollywood wants to show you the fear in his eyes, the trembling of his hands, and the determination in his jaw. Surely there?s room for both, right??

Heck, maybe we could even fight to strike a balance ? to tell the?whole?story.

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