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Microsoft is developing augmented reality/hologram glasses. Imagine 3d models, images, and more interacting with your everyday life. Pretty cool concept. Check out their video:

[tentblogger-youtube aThCr0PsyuA]

A few thoughts:

  • Would this easily replace physical computers and televisions?
  • How does this affect our social lives?if texting and playing games on our phones in public is bad enough…
  • If people didn’t accept Google Glass, will this be enough to make them willing to revisit the idea?
  • What’s the potential for group consumption…say a church service or live music venue? Could it enhance the production or replace the need for physical bodies to actually be present?

What are your thoughts on the potential applications for a device like this? Will you be rushing to stand in line at your local Microsoft store to buy one when it releases?



2 replies on “Microsoft is Making Hologram Glasses”

Required headset and tremendous bandwidth, not sur I see the average worship service benefitting from Halo or Google glass …. Yet !

Would be really cool to see this type of capability in a projection capabilty….now that could change how we worship.

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