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Grab these awesome Christmas resources and help mark items off your holiday communications to-do list.

Christmas is right around the corner. Every year it seems like it sneaks up on us! As a Church Communicator we know that your responsibilities skyrocket this time of year. You?re constantly putting out fires and are getting more tasks and projects piled onto your desk every day. You’ve got year-end giving campaigns, fall festivals, and Thanksgiving to worry about as well, but Christmas planning is for sure taking up the majority of your massive to-do list.

Why? Because Christmas, much like Easter, is one of the greatest opportunities to get people in your seats and share the gospel.

Well, we want to help you eliminate as many of those projects and tasks as we can. We’ve been working hard on some awesome Christmas resources to help you out this holiday season. We’ve also partnered with some other great leaders to provide you the best resources and deals available, because we know budgets are always tight.

Here’s some great resources that will immediately take some items off your Christmas planning to-do list:


Mega Christmas Bundle

Get instant access to creative assets and marketing tools that will help your church put more people in your seats this Christmas, including:

?????Over 50 Christmas Social Media Images?Built for Engagement
?????2 Christmas Themed Sermon Series?Creative Packs
?????Bonus?New Year?s Eve Sermon Series?Creative Pack

Plus you’ll get these bonus resources:

???? 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pastors (PDF)
???? 16 Christmas Tips for Dads (PDF)
???? Christmas Sermon Series Ideas for Pastors (PDF)

That’s over $200 worth of Christmas assets for….. only $7!?

Download the Mega Christmas Bundle now at


Christmas Ad Pack

Are you setting up Facebook ads for your Christmas services this year? You should be! It’s a HUGE opportunity to reach new people, and extremely cost effective.

But if you don’t know what you are doing, it can be cumbersome and overwhelming. The Christmas Ad Pack from RA Marketing makes all that stress go away.

Their advertising campaigns have doubled churches attendance from one Christmas to the next. These guys are pros at bringing people who are online to an offline setting.

In this pack you?ll get:

  • 25+ unique Facebook Ad images (fully customizable and pre-sized for Facebook ads)
  • 8 Ad Image templates that are proven to work
  • A/B Ad copy that you can split test and modify for your Church
  • Retargeting Ad copy
  • Expert Level ad campaign strategies
  • Retargeting Strategies
  • A Budget plan for a successful campaign

There is even an opportunity to get access to Richy and Andrew throughout your campaign!?This offer is only good for a few more weeks. Grab the Christmas Ad Pack now and mark off Facebook ads from your to-do list.


Christmas Design Bundle from NuSupply

Jonathan Malm and Joe Cavazos (the guys behind and NuSupply)?have partnered with 13 amazing producers to bring you some amazing Christmas content to help take your Christmas designs to the next level.

This bundle is only $15.

Here?s What You Get:

  • 3 Premium Fonts
  • 35 Motion Backgrounds
  • 22 Christmas Textures
  • 46 Christmas Vector illustrations
  • 4 Full Sermon Series Packages
  • 8 Sermon Designs
  • 20 Social Media Graphics
  • 15 Hand-Drawn Overlays
  • 50 Exclusive Stock Photos

Grab over $651 worth of Christmas designs for only $15.


We hope these resources are helpful for you, and help put more people in your seats this Christmas!


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