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Video transcription is the answer to increase the health of your site as well as make it a more user-friendly, compelling experience.

Want your church website to rank high in Google Search results and improve your SEO rating? Video transcription may be the answer. Increasing your website?s traffic may help you generate more leads which in turn will help you increase engagement.?

I posted earlier about How Captioning Video Content Empowers You to Spread the Gospel,?but I thought I’d go into more detail about how transcriptions can help with SEO.

Let?s explore how this proven strategy can benefit you in your mission to advance the Gospel.

There are thousands of factors Google?s algorithm uses to determine your place in the search results and for that reason it can be hard to build an effective SEO strategy.?

Why Video Content?

Considering that the average person spends more than an hour and a half daily watching videos it may be a golden opportunity to introduce more video content that provides value for your visitors and increases engagement.

Why Video Transcription?

Google?s AI is not yet able to determine an image or video?s subject matter. Transcription helps Google crawl online content to understand and identify its context. Without transcription it is left to determine its own context which almost always has undesirable results.?

Consider using a service like Rev to get your videos transcribed, then post the transcription in the post (if on social media) or below the video if on your website. You can also use that content to create blog posts that include both the video and the transcription.

Transcription enables you to give Google crawlers as well as your audience as much information as possible while benefiting your marketing strategy in a variety of ways.


Benefits Transcription holds for SEO

Reach a Wider Audience

Not only does it boost engagement but enables you to reach a wider audience. Transcription also allows site visitors to go through the video and pull the main points that hold the most importance for them. This is especially helpful when people do not have the time to watch through an entire video, are in a noisy setting, and allows for easy sharing of content.

Increases Video Ranking

Transcripts create content for Google to crawl and determines what content is beneficial to searchers. This makes it easy for Google to find and rank keywords and identify the relevant information which is an important ranking factor and helps boost your ranking in the search results.

Increases Site Traffic

Ranking and site traffic go together. If your ranking is high it will increase your site traffic and this will in turn boost your ranking. It is important to keep in mind that no one scrolls past the first page of search results. If they can?t find what they?re looking for on the first page they will simply change their search query.?

The higher up your target keywords are in Google, the more traffic you will generate and more people will click on your landing pages and content.

Creates the Possibility to Build Links

Transcription can include both internal and external links. Within your own domain you can link to other relevant content on your site allowing your visitor to easily navigate from one page to the other by clicking through your content.

According to a study conducted by Moz a few years ago, content with videos, images and lists received 70% more links than pages that only had images and lists. This proves that people want to share content but that it has to be easy and compelling to share.

Lowers Bounce Rates

With video transcription the average time people spend on a page will increase and this will lower the rate at which people click away from your page. This is because transcription provides more content for visitors to consume than a video without text.

A great benefit of this is that you can use the video content and create instant blog or social-media posts which will also drive traffic to your page, make it easy to share and reach a wider audience.

The value of transcribing your videos should not be underestimated. Video transcription is the answer to increase the health of your site as well as make it a more user-friendly, compelling experience.


If you want to start transcribing your videos, is the way to go. Here’s a $10 coupon to get you started.





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