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I can’t stop thinking about this video I saw last week:

I think the title ? “Snapchat Murders Facebook” ? is overstating things a bit, but I like how the video highlights the different content approaches of Snapchat and Facebook.

The argument is that the future of social media isn’t about perfection, and it sure as heck isn’t about what happened yesterday. The future, as they say, is now. If Casey Niestat is really onto something here, the clock is ticking on Facebook’s way of doing business. But it doesn’t stop there ? the clock is also ticking on more established, polished, and curated ways of communicating. As creative professionals, that ought to get our attention.

What are the implications of this way of thinking? For people who help create worship services, we probably need to process this for a bit. If this is truly what the next generation values, we need to ask God to guide us as we both leverage and confront people who?idolize NOW.

It’s not just about engaging Snapchat ? it’s about engaging a generation who both produced and are products of Snapchat. And we’d better get started, like,?now.

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