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I hate to badmouth people. But there is a guy at work that I?ve just about had enough of. If I could slap him and get away with it ? I?d do it.

The other day I had a great idea for how to expand our ministry. But of course, Mr. Negative decided to open his big mouth.

?No one will want that. Plus, it?s too expensive. And you aren?t really qualified to do that anyway.?

I wanted to fight back. But I just surrendered. He was probably right.

Then yesterday, Grrr, yesterday he pushed me to the limit. I was just about to get out of bed and guess who calls. Ya. It was him.

?Good morning Jo?l, just wanted to tell you to feel free to stay home. We don?t need you to show up today. You tend to stir up too much trouble. Just stay in bed.?

I was ticked by then. But his arguments were sound. So I stayed in bed for a while longer.

But this morning was the final straw. The punk had the audacity to sit down with me as soon as I got to work and unleash his entire repertoire of cynicism.

?Jo?l, I know you really think you have something valuable to offer the world, but let?s be frank. There are lots of people out there who are far better than you at just about everything you try.?

He paused to let it sink in, then continued.

?Plus, you really don?t have much influence. Heck, you don?t have any kind of a platform. You aren?t even a blip on the radar screen. The people who read your blog just say nice things because they are your friends. Those people who say how much you have impacted them really don?t know much about how the world works. Bro, I think you should just give up and be content with your little piece of the pie. That?s about all you?ll ever have.?

At that point I cracked. I got up and started cussing. I wanted to punch the crap out of the dude, but I knew that would hurt. Bad.

You see the punk telling me that stuff was me.

I?m convinced the greatest adversary to anything you try to accomplish is yourself.[quote]I?m convinced the greatest adversary to anything you try to accomplish is yourself.[/quote]

That voice in your head is your worst enemy.

It says you aren?t qualified. It says no one will ever listen to you. It says you aren?t having any impact.

It?s plays on your insecurity.

Here?s my advice.

You need to kill that voice. Kill it dead.

That voice is a liar. It?s resistance trying to keep you from accomplishing what God has for you.

If you can shut down that voice your hardest battle is won. You?ll be able to handle even the worst adversaries in leadership.

A leader who has overcome his own insecurity can handle the most ornery of people and the most complex of situations.[quote]A leader who has overcome his own insecurity can handle the most ornery of people and the most complex of situations.[/quote]

Once you?ve beaten the insecurity in yourself, you can stand up to pretty much any challenge.

Get over the insecurity.

Tap into the ultimate source of security. Your identity in Christ. (1 Peter 2:9)

Whether you are a pastor fighting a resistant elder board.

A worship leader trying to introduce your team to Chris Tomlin music.

Or a staff member trying to bring some life to your Sunday morning service.

Remember your value comes not from what you do, but who you are.

Hold onto that truth and you can stand with confidence against any adversary.

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