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Carl Barnhill interviews Dallas Jenkins, about his journey a Christian film director.

Two years ago, I interviewed Dallas Jenkins to talk about church media and his movie The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.

Dallas, who has had a career in Church Media staff positions at churches and through filmmaking, had a slate of projects lined up for 10 years with major Hollywood studios and producers.

All that changed in about 2 hours.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stonedid not do well at the box office. Dallas watched as his career went downhill very quickly. He was humbled beyond words at the failure of the film. It was then that God took him on a journey of what He had in store.

He is now the Director of the first-ever must-season show about the life of Christ – The Chosen. The show became the highest grossing crowd-funded project of all time.

Dallas is a Church Media guy. I talked with him at the National Religious Broadcasters convention about how God has really worked in this life lately.

Here’s the full interview:


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One reply on “Learning from Failure with Dallas Jenkins”

My name is Jacqueline Hardin I am currently working and have worked with major movie trailer companies in ca

I just watch the chosen and I was so moved I feel God calling me to work in the Christian film industry .

I would love to talk to you and learn how and who do I need to contact

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