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I recently read an article?about how neuroscience is a more important factor in marketing than web metrics or even what people are telling us they like. They called it “Neuromarketing”, and here’s how they define it:

“Neuromarketing blends neuroscience and marketing to help brands gauge the emotional resonance of their current and future marketing campaigns.”

Check out the full article for the details, and how they’re measuring brain chemicals while people are watching ads. It’s fascinating. But they ended the article with 3 practical ways you can incorporate neuroscience into your marketing strategy (without needing the fancy tech), and what they had to say really struck me.

Neuromarketing Examples

  1. Brands could prove storytelling is the key to emotional resonance.
  2. Brands could save millions of dollars on ads.
  3. Brands could host more engaging conferences.

It’s not often that I feel like churches are ahead of the curve in the communications world. But here, we’re nailing it. STORIES.? It’s what drives our decisions and draws our attention. Stories connect us. And as a church, we have a lot of them.

As Church Communicators, we use stories every day.?We crowd around them, we share them with our audience, we use them to point to Jesus.

One of the most beautiful things about working in ministry communications is that we don’t have to manufacture an impactful? story. We’re not out here to convince you that buying this shoe will make your sports dream come true, or that drinking our coffee will impact economic development in another country.? Our “product” or our “brand” already is life change, and it is the most life changing message out there.

Not only do we have stories of personal life change, we have the greatest message there is. The message of Jesus.

?I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.? – John 12:46

How are you using stories, and the story of Jesus, to reach more people?

For some inspo, check out how Element Church is using emoji’s to engage their audience with Bible stories



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