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Pastor, author, and speaker John Ortberg is part of the team behind SoulPulse, a new app that aims to help you better understand your spiritual life. Ortberg, as you may know, recently published an incredibly helpful book called Soul Keeping, so he knows his stuff. Plus, most of the people working on this project have the letters ?PhD? after their names, so users are in good hands.?

Why is this important? As people who work and serve the church, there?s nothing more important for us than practicing self-care. We have to guard and invest in our spiritual health. Okay, so about SoulPulse ?

Once you sign up, the app will help you track various aspects of your life over the course of two weeks. Then, based on those two weeks, you?ll receive an interactive report featuring insights into your spiritual health and wellbeing.?

Sound good? Get started with SoulPulse.


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