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There’s a great new Kickstarter project ? Bibliotheca ? that reminds us why design matters so much: design shapes interaction, and interaction shapes formation. Take a look:

The point Adam Greene makes, the point that is driving this project, is that the way the Bible is designed shapes our interaction with it, and our interaction with the Bible shapes the way we’re formed by it. Thus, if we want to shift how people are formed by the Bible, we must shift the way people interact with it, and we do that by shifting the way we design it.

So, here’s what we should do:

1) Back Bibliotheca on Kickstarter

2) Give some though to the ways in which the design work you do (print, digital, video, sound, experience, etc.) shapes the way people interact with and are formed by God and one another within the context of your sacred community. And if you need to make a shift, make a shift.



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