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There’s a new Tumblr page out there hating on church announcement videos. Watching the videos, there were a few ouch moments and a few “why did this one make the list?” moments. Check them out and see what you think:

Here are a few that stood out to me. What do you think?

(Thanks to Tim Schraeder for finding this.)

[tentblogger-youtube HP1AyKgQ51I]

[tentblogger-youtube oJc93nsmS_k]

[tentblogger-youtube gfYUsMk0S3k]

[tentblogger-youtube n-kDSR4Ofzw]



3 replies on “New Tumblr Hating on Church Announcement Videos”

Many of the videos are too long. Some are badly produced. Some have humor that the Tumblog creator doesn’t like. Others…well, I really wish I knew. (Kind of wish there was some real critique of some of these videos.)

Overall, I dislike the condescending, snotty tone of the blog, along with the condescending, I’m-so-great-I-would-never-do-something-like-that agreement of those that have linked to it. Also, wish the creator wasn’t so gutless that they had to stay anonymous.

However, I’m surprised – and a little relieved – that none of my church announcements have made it onto the site. Yet. I’ve definitely produced a few that were worthy of being there.

haha! I just found out we’ve made his list. Twice! A new one on there just today! Lol.

we are very intentionally tongue in cheek, and poke fun at eachother. it works for us. We play them as people come in and sit down and helps get people laughing and breaking any stuffy feelings off since we’re in an old traditional building and are anything but traditional.

So, thanks for the exposure and the page views! How do I submit the rest of our videos? Lol!

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