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Jurassic World and Star Wars are probably two of the most anticipated movies coming out this year. That’s why I’m so glad I stumbled onto this little project by Darren Wallace?via my friend Timmy Allen. He uses his VFX skills to make these trailers?much better by adding his own twist?turning them into parody trailers.

Check out the Jurassic World video first?which includes raptors on motorcycles, Mordor, and tubing dinosaurs. Then for a little extra fun, check out the Disney-infused Star Wars trailer.

[tentblogger-youtube 5ah2xFRUaOg]

[tentblogger-youtube cwe90O7tktM]

I can’t wait for Darren to make more. Which trailer would you like to see him make next? Add a comment here then leave it on Youtube channel?hopefully he’ll oblige.

(I’d frankly love him to take on Fifty Shades of Grey’s trailer.)

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