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Have you seen the new Tripp & Tyler video, “You’re Doing Twitter Wrong”? Check it:

Yes, it’s funny. (As are all their videos.) But I share it here?because I think it’s a great reminder of how we ought to audit our social media efforts. It’s easy to get caught up in results, which are defined by how audiences interact with what we share (clicks, shares, likes, comments, etc.). The Tripp & Tyler video demonstrates just how important it is to evaluate what we’re doing?through the eyes of our audience, not just through their behavior.

What if your organization’s social media voice or tone has drifted into some unintended category?like arrogance, sarcasm, or sentimentalism? Sure, you might see a dip in your social engagement metrics (whatever those are), but you won’t be able to get at the heart of the problem until you take?an honest look at what you’re doing from the audience’s perspective. That might require a conversation like the one in video, even if it’s with yourself.

There’s no way your conversation will be as funny as Tripp& Tyler’s, but it should still be helpful.

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