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Welcome in to That Church Podcast where we help Digital Communicators Tell The Best Story The Church Has To Tell.

Today’s episode is part 2 of a 2 part podcast with Andrew Riis And Richy Hirtle with Reach Out Marketing.

We’re on the topic of doing FB Ads the right way – Wait til you hear what they said about the ad we had running at the time we we recorded this episode. It’s kinda embarrassing.

Be sure and check out out San Diego Workshop, January 17th
We’re going to be at The Rock Church with a room full of church communications folks doing what we do best, Helping Digital Communicators Tell The Best Story The Church Has To Tell. It’s a one day Intensive Workshop. Our Speakers are

JAY KRANDA – Online Pastor at Saddleback
Going From Online to Offline: Church Online Best Practices

How To Connect Social Media to a Bigger Story

MAGGIE BARRAGAN – Social Media Manager at The Rock Church & MEI LING NAZAR – Public relations rock star
Public Relations & The Church: Engaging With Your Community

ANTHONY MILLER – Pastor of Communications at Saddleback
Marketing and Communications in the Church

We will be broadcasting the entire day via Livestream on brought to by our friends at Tithly, the innovators in church giving. Be sure and check them out at And that stream will be up for a few days afterwards. The cost for the Live Stream is $149. You and your entire team can watch and soak in what our speakers will be delivering in the room.

During the podcast we tell you how to get $50 off the Livestream access.

What’s coming next?

Chicago Workshop – April 25th Soul City Church

Nashville Workshop- July 14th at Cross Point Church

Atlanta Conference- Sept 26 and 27

Today’s episode is part 2 of our 2 part conversation with Andrew Riis and Richy Hirlte with Reach Out Marketing

11:45 mark: Link to our Rick Rolled post

13:18 mark: Call To Action is critical

15:05 mark: The importance of a Landing Page for Ads

17:00 mark: The ad is the LAST thing you create in a campaign, NOT the first

17:35 mark: “Ad Set” Level defined

18:15 mark: Don’t spend so much on an initial ad. Run a cheap A/B test.

18:55 mark: How to Double your reach with a simple tweek

20:20 mark: Run as many $20 ads as you can and change 1 variable in each

20:45 mark: Run different images

21:00 mark: Never touch your ad in the first 24 hours

22:55 mark: Retargeting…When and Why

23:15 mark: Facebook Pixel Defined

24:34 mark: Van’s brain exploded

28:00 mark: Mailing Postcards versus doing an Ad

32:14 mark: Relevance Score

35:50 mark: Building a Custom Audience based on your email list

36:11 mark: Create a Lookalike Audience

38:25 mark: Our Ad Meets Its’ Demise

38:59 mark: Van gets a little too excited about a Mailchimp Import button

39:40 mark: We hire Andrew and Richy and give them ALL OUR MONEY

41:25 mark:

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