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Welcome in to That Church Podcast where we help Digital Communicators Tell The Best Story The Church Has To Tell.

In today’s episode we’re joined by Matt Morrison. Matt is the 32-year-old founder of Church OS based in Vancouver, Canada, where he lives with his wife Chelsea and their two daughters. For the past seven years, Church OS has focused on helping churches set up great websites. I think you are really going to enjoy our conversation with Matt on a super simple solution for your email newsletter that we bet you have never thought of and are going to completely facepalm over once you hear about this idea. But, before we get to that…

As this podcast episode goes up on iTunes, That Church Conference is gearing up for our 2nd Intensive Workshop in Chicago. It’s THIS Tuesday April 25th. So…less than 6 days away.

We’re going to be at Soul City Church with a room full of church communications folks, Helping Digital Communicators Tell The Best Story The Church Has To Tell. What is a one day Intensive Workshop?

Our Speakers are

LAUREN MCALLISTER – Social Media Manager, First Baptist Jacksonville – Down the Rabbit Hole – Turning Negative Social Conversations into Positive Ones

Mark McDonald – Church Brand Strategist, Be Known For Something – Ways to Know Whether Your Church Brand will Succeed. And How to Fix It.

Ben Stapley – Creative Arts Pastor, Liquid Church – Processing Church Communication Requests

DANNY DE LOS REYES – Media Pastor, Northplace Church – Creating and sustaining a thriving volunteer culture in your department

If you can’t make it to Chicago, we will be making the videos available to our PRO Members on Having a PRO Membership is the best way for you and your team to get your hands on all the content on our website. Practical hands on teaching from folks doing what you’re doing at your church. Now, let me put things in perspective here. The ticket to the conference is currently $349. The Annual cost to join our PRO Member site is $489 bucks! Sooooo, for just $49 you can sign up for the monthly PRO account, watch the Chicago Workshop, then cancel your membership. Why would I tell you to do that? Because we have heard from dozens of members that had that same intention, but once they they saw all the amazing content that the PRO membership gave them, they all stuck around. The best value is the annual membership for $489, but feel free to sign up for the monthly to check things out, then we’ll credit that back to you if you want to change to an annual bill. Make sense? Go to to check out all the details.

Let’s get back to our interview with Matt Morrison. Like I said earlier, this process that Matt has, once you hear it, you’re going to be kicking yourself for not having this kind of system in place on your website. An unbelievably simple tool that will for sure make you work smarter, not harder. Mat even has some graphics that he shares on his screen for our PRO Members to watch online, in case you needed another reason to sign up for that.

So sit up, don’t relax and learn from our time with Matt Morrison.


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