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Creativity is more than just putting paint to a canvas or penning words to a song.?Those are all creative endeavors. But more than anything, creativity is about problem-solving.[quote]Creativity is about problem-solving.[/quote]

Unfortunately many of our?church creative teams fail to ask?what problems we need to solve. We instead look for ways to be “creative”. This leads us to merely creating pieces of entertainment or adding more artistry into our services. But we miss out on a huge opportunity to be truly creative.

When we ask the right questions, we very well might decide to add a piece of entertainment to our services or infuse more artistry into them. We might do the same thing we would have done before we asked those questions. But the purpose and the passion behind why we do it?will be there?where it wouldn’t have been before.

Because we believe this, our team at West Ridge Church is more focused on solving compelling problems than on trying to be creative just for creativity’s sake.

These are six questions our?Creative Arts Team at West Ridge is tackling during our?Easter planning process. Our answers will look different than your answer. Every church will have slightly different responses?to these questions. But taking the time to answer them and guiding your team to answer these just might take your creative process to the next level.

What?s the story that God is calling us to tell? How can we tell it in a sentence??First of all, there’s something so compelling about a story. It makes us want to know what’s next. It leaves us on the edge of our seats. By figuring out what story we want to tell, we can create elements that will leave people wanting more. And by reducing it down to one sentence, we can all more easily shoot for the same goal as we each create what’s on our plate to make.[quote]By figuring out what story we want to tell, we can create elements that will leave people wanting more.[/quote]

How can we equip our audience to invite their friends to Easter services??Beyond telling our congregation to invite their friends, we want to make it easy for them. Should we give them invitation cards? Should we empower them on social media? How can we make inviting their friends and neighbors less scary, and how can we make it easier?

How can we engage kids and students to be a part of the Easter experience? We want every single aspect of our services to be good. We also want it to be good for every single person who comes to our church?no matter what age or stage of life they’re in. So we ask how we can translate the excellence we put into our weekend services into children and students.

How can we take each moment in our service and make it more memorable??There are two reasons to make memorable moments in our services. First, it gives our people something to talk about when it comes to inviting their friends. But secondly, we want what happens on Sunday mornings to work its way into people’s everyday lives. By creating memorable moments, we can do just that?give them something to think about during the week.[quote]By creating memorable moments, we can give people?something to think about during the week.[/quote]

What is costing us energy right now that?s pulling away from our ability to create a more memorable and impactful experience? Good is the enemy of great. If we’re spending all our energy on mediocre or merely good things, we won’t have the energy to devote to great things. We want our services to be the best they possibly can be.

How do we get our guests the week after Easter??It’s great for Easter to reach many guests. But is there a way we can tie them back into the church during the rest of the year too?

Those are the problems we’re working to solve this Easter. What problem is your creative team looking to solve?



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