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Having a unified voice with all ministries was a learning moment for me more than it was for the other ministry leaders.

That moment you come to church and see a Publisher masterpiece! [Oximoron alert!]

You strive for consistency and pixel perfect designs, you have a style guide and your assets are perfectly organized until that one day a ministry leader shows up with a printed brochure for her ministry (mind you she even used her own home printer).

And dare I to say the word Papyrus?

Oh and white space would be very offended to see such a piece.


Does this sound familiar?

It?s easy to be slow to speak but my face gives it away. Every time.

But I?ve been wondering, is she the one to blame?

Ministry lady has time, sees the need and wants to help. She is not trained but her heart is in the right place. On the other hand, e-ve-ry-bo-dy knows the communication team (aka me) is very busy?

Boy, oh boy, if she doesn?t know there is a process, then I?ve failed to communicate.

?This means I am the one failing at what I was supposed to do.?

As church communicators how often are we so focused on communicating with the outside world (which should be a priority, don?t get me wrong) that we forget to communicate internally?

This made me stop.

I?d spent time in processes, systems and tactics but I?d failed to implement simple processes for the ministries around me.

I wasn?t spending time with other ministry leaders or sharing the vision for communication. They didn?t know what they didn?t know.

A vision that is not shared is daydreaming. I learned that soon enough.

Time to work on a plan to prevent future pieces with no discernible use.

Insert bat signal here.

Step 1

Talk to the lead pastor and ask for permission to create a vision pack for communication (fancy word for an online style guide, that explained our ?why? along with all brand assets). Check!

Step 2

Meet with all ministry leaders individually to ask questions about their ministries, understand their heart for their ministry, share the vision pack, show them how their ministry fits perfectly in this system and get them excited about having a unified voice. Check!

Step 3

Send all an email thanking them for their time, getting them excited again about our unified voice and introduce our process. Perfect time to get a design request form up. Check!

These steps may seem basic to some, but believe me I didn?t know where to start.

The ministry lady brochure made it to the crowds. Sigh.

But I was able to get over it.

Having a unified voice with all ministries was a learning moment for me more than it was for the other ministry leaders.

A cord of three strands can not be easily broken.



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4 replies on “Publisher, Papyrus, and Ministry People”

What do you do, if you have personally and in email format communicated the process and time frame to which information is needed to get to the office in order to appropriately announce in all communication areas, yet you still have the same ministry leaders asking last minute for their information to be added, and to be added word for word per their request.

Hi @cnclove, sorry for not responding to this one sooner, I was not receiving the notifications.

Changing a habit takes time. But it starts with introducing a new habit and the best way to keep it is to focus on the why behind it. Getting a weekly (or monthly) check-in with all ministries will help. Set it in the calendar, same day, same time, every week. It can be a 10 minute phone call. That allows you to check what’s coming for their ministry and gives you the opportunity to reinforce the process.

Show them how the processes can help THEM save time and get better results.

You are living in a parallel life! This spoke VOLUMES straight from my own heart, soul, and mind! THANK YOU! BTW… Is “A vision that is not shared is day dreaming” your own? Because I am stealing it (but will be happy to credit it as is due.) It is a great quote!

Angel, that quote is not mine. I read it in a book a while ago. Forgive me for not remembering which one though…

Glad this spoke to you!

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