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OK Go released a new music video this week for their song “I Won’t Let You Down”. And as usual, it’s absolutely brilliant. Take a look for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but every time I see that OK Go has released a new music video, I simply?have to watch it. Whether it’s crazy contraptions, optical illusions, or treadmills, they always seem to have must-watch videos. To be honest, I don’t even listen to their music, but I love to watch their videos. I think there are a few reasons for this:

1. They Always Innovate

You won’t see anything like OK Go’s many videos. They’re always unique from other videos, and even unique from each other. OK Go isn’t in the business of recreating the wheel. Instead, they create the hovercraft.

2. They Have Fun

OK Go don’t take themselves too seriously. They have fun creating their music and videos, so we have fun taking part in their creation. It’s not hard to have fun watching other people have fun.

3. They Only Release Gold

Finally, this is key. They only release great things. If they released mediocre content, I wouldn’t be glued to their newest video. But the fact that they are consistent with their quality, I know I’m going to love each video I see. You can count on it being good, so you’re willing to risk watching their next video. You’re willing to risk your time, knowing they’ll deliver.

I wonder how much more effective our church creativity would be if we all abided by these standards. Do you think we could get our congregations glued to our next video or sermon?

Why do you love OK Go? What do you think is the key to their success? Leave a comment below and join the discussion.

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