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There?s something about Friday that makes me start thinking about my favorite things. Every so often here on the Sunday| blog I?ll share some of my favorite new resources ? you know, good stuff you might?ve missed in the unending flood of tweets in your stream. Check out the inaugural batch:

CFCC?s Getting Started In Church Communication Ebook Series ??This is a trio of new ebooks from the friendly team at the Center for Church Communication. The titles ??Copy Matters, Web Basics, and Landing a Job ? are obviously designed to help you (or someone you know) get started in serving a local church, so take a look. Plus, you can land all three ebooks for less than $7, so we?re not talking about a major investment here.

Get the ebooks ?

Getty Embraces Free ??The Verge?s headline summed it up nicely: ?The world?s largest photo service just made its pictures free to use.? Yes, you read that correctly. Millions of Getty photos are available to be embedded online (the embed code includes an attribution link in the footer), which means that bloggers and web content managers of all kinds have a ton of great images at their fingertips. For anyone whose website is currently sporting pirated or cheesy photos, this is a potential game-changer.

Explore the Getty archive ?

The Buffer Blog ? Ok, this isn?t new, but it?s new to me. Whether or not you use Buffer in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter, you?ll love the Buffer blog. It covers a range of topics ? productivity, life hacks, writing, and more (not just social media) ??but it?s always interesting, timely, and well-written. I guarantee you?ll find yourself emailing Buffer blog posts to coworkers and thinking about ways to implement some of the ideas and research they?re sharing.

Read the Buffer blog ?

Lent To Maundy Thursday by Page CXVI ??

You know Page CXVI as that band that does their thing with old hymns. You know Lent as that traditional 40-day journey of reflection leading up to the Cross and the Resurrection. Put them together and you?ve got some great music for the season, an album called Lent To Maundy Thursday, and it?s streaming free over on RELEVANT?s The Drop. Give it a listen!

Stream the album ?

Thanks for running down this list with me ? hopefully a few of my favorites land on your favorites list too.



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