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This morning, I found myself yet again thinking about the next piece of information I could share. Until this song started playing:

(Hint: this is a good time to starting playing the song before you read the rest.)

“Your presence is heaven to me. Your presence is heaven to me.”

I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace that only the Prince of Peace can give us. Completely enveloped in Jesus’ presence.

In awe.

Today I won’t share the 5 Steps for Effective Church Communication or 10 Tips to Increase Engagement on a Sunday. I won’t share the Best Church Communication Plan the universe has ever seen. I won’t even share anything about church communications.

But I want you to take a moment.

Right now. Stop.

And pray.

Just acknowledge the God of the Universe. The great I Am. The cup that won’t run dry. Enjoy Jesus’ presence, embracing you right now. Wherever you are.


I know it’s hard to stop what you are doing now. But try it. Give it but a minute.

Breathe in.

And out.

Feel how much He loves YOU. Allow time to stop and the world around you to disappear. Even if just for a moment.

PS: Don’t forget to look around and see the blessings God has already placed in your life.


Photo by?Amaury Gutierrez?on?Unsplash

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