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At each and every turn, we are bombarded by social media. In today?s culture especially, we have instant access to the lives and opinions of celebrities, politicians, and even our neighbor?s new baby? And for good reason! (Well, maybe not the new baby part ??but, you do you.) It?s easy to set up our corner of the social media sphere and fill it with content that is meaningful and important to us. It takes very little of our time to be connected to the rest of the world and start adding our thoughts.

So it goes without saying that your church is on social media too, right? (You?d better be!) But maybe you find yourself wondering why it matters so much. There are so many things to be done each week at your church. And everyone always seems to be understaffed and overworked. Why is all of this social media stuff so important to add to your list?

You need to be where the people are.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid sang about wanting to be where the people are, to be a part of their world. This is true for you and social media in your church. People are on social media. They just are. And data shows us that the number of active users is only growing daily. So you need to be there. Jesus did ministry shoulder-to-shoulder with people. He was right there with them, wherever they went. Social media is no different. You need to have a presence there because that?s where the people in your church spend a lot of their time.

You should always be easily accessible.

As a church, we should never make it difficult for anyone to encounter Jesus. And without an active social media presence, you may be hindering guests or those who may be wanting to get more involved with your church. Without the instant accessibility of social media, you are losing the opportunity to clearly and quickly communicate service times, news, stories, etc. Social media is an extension of your church building, and it allows for the doors to be open much longer than 9-5.[quote]Social media is an extension of your church building, and it allows for the doors to be open much longer than 9-5.[/quote]

You have a responsibility to be different.

Many people choose to avoid social media because it can be highly negative. And yes, there can be a lot of negativity? But the same is true in real life! It doesn?t mean you ignore living. With your church?s social media, you have the unique opportunity to be different. To be encouraging, rather than slandering. To be joyful, instead of constantly downhearted. To be authentic, instead of fake. To be intentional, rather than careless. You can leverage the incredible power of this medium to look and act and be different online ? to create a safe space for people to come to a better understanding of Jesus and your church. This is why it matters. This is why it?s worth investing in today. And tomorrow. And each day after that.



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