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Easter Social Media Cheat Sheet

Maximize your reach on social media this Easter. Here?s a few helpful tips!

1. Get social

Be actively posting and engaging on social media leading up to Easter. Post your service times, share sneak peeks of what people can expect, and show people what?s happening!

Use apps like Over or WordSwag or Canva if you don?t have someone that can design them for you.

2. Let people know where to find you and what #hashtag to use

In printed handouts, on screens, and anywhere else, link to your church?s social media profiles and include what #hashtag they should be using to post about your event.

3. Create photo opps

Create spaces in or around your church for people to take family photos or photos of groups of friends. Encourage people to post and share their Easter photos with their friends on social media. Or, if you have photo volunteers, take photos and post them to a Facebook album and have people tag themselves – it?s a great way to continue to

4. Follow the #hashtag and engage

Watch your social media feeds and look for people posting using your church?s @handles on social media or your #hashtag and engage! If people are taking the time to post about you and mention you, you should take the time to write back!

– ?Favorite? posts on Twitter and write back

– ?Like? photos on Instagram and leave a comment

– watch for people who are checking in at your church on Facebook and comment

– on Instagram, look for photos that have been tagged at your church and like those, too!

5. Share some of your favorite posts

Retweet some of your favorite tweets, use the Repost app to share some of your favorite photos from others on Instagram, or stream a feed of your #hashtag online or on screen before or after your services. ProPresenter has that feature built in or you can use a service like tagboard. Seeing other people?s posts will encourage other people to share theirs!

6. Create incentive

Encourage people to share and post on social media and give them a reason why! Consider doing a giveaway or contest for the best post.

7. Share your service and photos online.

If your church has video capabilities, post the video of your service and any creative elements on social media so people can share the service with their friends! If you don?t have video, share some great photos!

8. Keep the conversation going

Use the momentum of Easter to keep a consistent presence on social media. Connect people to what’s happening in the life of your church and let them know how they can get involved and grow in their faith!

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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