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In first grade, I made a Christmas ornament in arts and crafts class. It was ugly. It was a cheap felt wreath?with my picture in it, decorated by my underdeveloped artistic sensibilities.

Yet each year, when we set up the Christmas tree at our house, it got a prominent spot on the tree. At least for the Malm family, the Christmas tree was a developing collection of all Christmases past ? each ornament telling one small part of the story.

Why not get in on your congregation’s?history of Christmas? Add an ornament or two (or even four) to the Christmas pile.

You could do something simple like make a branded Christmas ornament with your church name on it. Or you could even 3d print your church logo and make that the ornament.[quote]You could 3d print your church logo and make that a Christmas?ornament.[/quote]

But what if you tied the ornaments into a sermon series leading up to Christmas? You could make them collectibles that re-enforce the message, and you could hand them out during the service (probably one per household).

Here are some ideas:

  • Talking about the shepherds? Order shepherd ornaments and place a small sticker on the bottom branded with your Christmas series.
  • Talking about the star? Go with a star.
  • Talking about peace? Get five ornaments with each letter and spell that out, then hand them out over the course of five weeks.

Again, if you have access to a 3d printer, you could design these yourself and have your church name printed?into the side of it.

They don’t have to be elaborate. In fact, if you want to make them simple enough, you can give them out along with craft packets with materials for children to use in decorating them. Consider including this in the packet with the digital service and the paper doll nativity figures.

The Marketing Option

If you want to take this ornament idea to the next level, use these instead of invitation cards this Christmas. Give one to each household, but also give them one or two more to give to their friends/family as an invitation to join them?at a Christmas service.

If you do this, don’t make them too market-y. Make it a legitimate gift with minimal branding. It increases the likelihood that the recipient of the ornament might actually use it on their Christmas tree. This, of course, bolsters the invitation and makes them more likely to attend.

Time for you to chime in. Have you given out ornaments before at your church? What did they look like? What purpose did they serve in the big picture of your Christmas services? Chime in with a comment below.



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