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Catalina Mahon is the TV and Media Productions Director at Champions Centre. You?d imagine, being in that role, that she?s a techie to the core. But she went to school for psychology and behavioral sciences. She instead is into empowering and relying on other leaders who can do the technical work necessary in this ministry. Of course, she?s grown to love what technology can do for their church. She can dabble. She can fill in. But really her role on the team is to organize and lead those she works alongside.

One traditionally techy thing she has brought to the team, though, is standard operating procedures (SOPs) and checklists. Some of the guys have even dubbed her the Nazi SOP because she believes in them so strongly. Her perspective, though, is that of a new volunteer. She wants anyone to be able to jump in and learn about tech/media.

That helps a bunch with getting new volunteers.

The Volunteer Culture

The volunteer team for the media ministry at Champions Centre is all about community. They?re very intentional about fostering friendships among the team members ? among techs and even the worship team.

Each month they do a hangout at a local restaurant. It?s low key. No agenda. They just come and hang out. In fact, they put such a priority on these monthly hangouts that when they happen, they take the place of rehearsal. They sacrifice their usual rehearsal time and instead focus on the relational aspects of the team. They want to make a space for those relationships to be built on.[quote]They sacrifice their usual rehearsal time and instead focus on the relational aspects of the team.[/quote]

Scheduling Volunteers for Easter

In order to get the number of volunteers they needed for Easter, they started talking about rehearsals two months out. They began communicating early, ?This is what?s coming up. Can you be part? Time to start making plans for it.? Techs tend to be the type that plan far ahead and meticulously maintain their schedule. So early planning is good for them.

Catalina never wants a volunteer to show up on a given weekend and not know what they?re doing. So they communicate often and completely.

So through good, early communication, they were able to get the force of volunteers signed up that they needed.

The Big Challenge Easter Presented

The bottom line for what the media team does each weekend is to help create a memorable moment. It?s part of their overall church brand. They want to roll out the digital red carpet and establish a welcoming atmosphere. That?s what the media team does.[quote]They want to roll out the digital red carpet and establish a welcoming atmosphere.[/quote]

And for Easter, that memorable moment was the projection mapped cross. It was a huge challenge, mostly because:

  1. They had never done this before.
  2. They tried to do it in the least expensive way possible.

Something like this, yes, is a risky challenge. But if you?re willing to navigate through that, you?ll end up with a huge reward for your work. And it?ll be the things that bond your team like nothing else can. The wins will bond you, but also the mistakes.

The key is planning, risking, and leading your team to take on those risks. Easter is such a great opportunity for that ? the Super Bowl of church work. You might as well do it big.

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