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Submitting Blog Posts & Resources

When submitting a blog post and/or resources (documents, ebooks, files, etc.) on our site you are agreeing to let us publish the content and promote it publicly via social media, email, and other advertising means. We may also edit your post for grammar, spelling, and general flow but we will contact you with any major changes to the content.

You will retain author rights to the content, but you are giving us irrevocable rights to publish the content for as long as we want to.

We reserve the right to reject your content?for any reason, and can remove it from the site at any time without notice.

We prefer that you submit exclusive original posts to our site in order to provide the most relevant and helpful content for our community.

We built this site to help elevate your content and in appreciation for your posts we will often reward the most active members in our community. Providing blog posts is one of the easiest and most active ways you can participate on this site.

Lastly, only submit your own work. Don’t copy from someone else. If you quote someone or use someone else’s idea, give credit where credit is due.

Use of Content / Your Permissions

With a membership to this site, whether free or paid, you are given access to resources and content that you can view online or download to your own computer. We provide this content to you in good faith, expecting that you will only use it for personal use and not distribute it or sell it.

Just so we’re clear, here’s some rules about how you can and can not use the content on this site:

  • Do not distribute any content or downloads from this site with anyone outside of your organization or church. (Don?t post it online.)
  • Do not take content from this site and sell it to others.
  • Do not sell access to your account or post your login credentials online.
  • Do share content and downloads with teammates within your organization or church.

Privacy and Security

This entire site is secure. When your enter your credit card info it is processed by Stripe and is not stored on our servers nor can we access it.

Other personal info such as your profile details (name, email, social accounts, etc.) is all encrypted and processed securely. Our current web host is SiteGround.

There are opportunities to opt-in to our email list which is stored with Mailchimp. There are other ways you may have opted into this list as well. We will occasionally send you emails promoting new features and content that we want you to be aware about, including our conferences and workshops. You can opt out of these emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email.

In addition to these emails you may also receive system emails alerting you to actions on the site pertaining to your account. Such as friend requests, or a notification that your blog post has been published. These emails are only triggered by your actions and you can change your email preferences in the Settings section of your profile.