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Everything that happens at your church is important, but not everything is appropriate for all church consumption.” – Kem Meyer

When it comes to announcements or promotions, less is more.

If you haven’t heard of the”The Rule of 7″, it’s is an old marketing adage that says that someone needs to see or hear the same message 7 times before they will do anything about it. This means we need to really hit the most appropriate announcements, while at the same time not turning our stages or social media channels into white noise.

But how do you determine what to announce, and where?


Pre-determine the parameters for your promotions, where it makes sense for them to be, and what it makes sense for them to be on.

Here’s a sample promotion tier. I like to use t-shirt sizes for categories because well, everyone understands t-shirt sizes.

There are always gray areas, work through them. This isn’t meant to be the law, but a guide to help you and the teams around you find the right place and method for what you want to communicate.

Not only does this help you do your job better, but it sets the expectations for everyone else when they’re planning and dreaming about their event. It gives you a reason to say “yes” or “no” not based off of personal preference, but based off of an organization wide process.

Win. Win.




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