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Our team is constantly trying new things. We, like most churches, are positioned in the center of a lost community, so we strive for creativity to reach it. We?re blessed with a flourishing workplace where we encourage one another to use our gifts.

In contemplating various methods to reach a wider audience, we decided to create a weekly vlog (video log). Vlogging, a medium growing in popularity among younger audiences, reaches 50% of those between the ages of 16 and 34. In fact, in the US alone, 18-34 year old males watch YouTube more than watching cable. That?s crazy! But what?s even crazier is that the Church has absolutely no presence in the YouTube world of vlogging (stats). It seems like most growing churches have a significant online presence, which we knew was an area in which we could improve, but we couldn?t find any churches that had broken into the world of vlogging like vloggers, Casey Neistat, Roman Atwood, or Ben Brown. As a result, our team felt compelled to try this relatively untouched area of outreach.

So, what is Refuge Point Church?s ?TheChurchVlog? about? It?s about a crazy church staff trying to make a difference in their city. It allows the viewer a brief and candid window into what happens behind the scenes at Refuge Point Church leading up to our Sunday services. It?s our way of pushing the limits of our creative approach in reaching people while having a great time. We hope that those who view our vlog will see a group of passionate, real people on a mission to make Jesus famous.

Our creative methods do not save people, but they are tools to start a conversation with someone who is not a part of the capital ?C? church. As image-bearers of God, we have the responsibility of carrying out this call in all we do. The world is looking for solutions to problems and there are limitless opportunities to be on the frontlines of this battle. ?TheChurchVlog? is our way of joining the battle.

Check out a few of our videos and subscribe to our channel.

[tentblogger-youtube 89oJCebyVjo]

[tentblogger-youtube 4GAXzwunCAs]

How are you joining the battle to reach the online community? Share in a comment below.



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