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Another Easter has come and gone. Your community stepped up and courageously invited their friends to church. They came, heard, and responded. Lives were changed.

As a key player or leader in either promoting your Easter season or participating in it, you are probably in recovery mode. You?ve put in many hours well and truly above what was expected.

Now for some serious down time right?

Wrong. Imagine if you had the opportunity to make?your next Easter seasonal services at least 10% better. Would you take it?

Well, you can. All you have to do is create a calendar invite and call it ?Easter Review?. Then invite the key ministry stakeholders to a one hour (yes, only one hour) review process. I?m not just talking about communications and creative departments. I?m talking about your guest services and any other leaders that had key roles in your last Easter services.

This could be the most valuable hour you spend that has the longest term impact on your high traffic seasonal services like Christmas and Easter.

Why is it valuable? Here are a five powerful reasons:

1. You are what you measure.

We all plan and focus our resources around the things we measure. There will be some things that you measure that you achieved, and some that you didn?t. Now is a good time to talk about these things openly and honestly. Getting all the key leaders around the table when everything is fresh is a way to keep that focus. Ask for them to give you feedback through the lens of how?you measure success.

2. It provides an environment to talk about success, lessons, or failures.

When the memory is fresh, you can talk about what worked and what didn?t work. Often team members who don?t work in your area of specialty can see your area through a different lens and provide valuable feedback that can assist you next time it rolls around.

3. It creates a healthy feedback mechanism.

There is nothing worse than people giving feedback in the office corridors to the wrong people. It creates disharmony and bad team morale. Your job as a leader is to create a healthy environment where you can hear all of your team and the broader team’s views.

4. It gives you a different perspective.

Often different teams can be silo’ed and not see how their decisions impact others. This review is a chance to help you give other teams the chance to see how others do their thing. What their pain points are. And what they want to improve on for the next time.

5. It creates a ‘one team’ culture.

Your staff may live in different worlds, but bringing them together will help break down the silos and create a one team culture where a win for the other department is a win for everyone.

So before you dive into a marathon week long session of Netflix, set up your calendar invite and email. You won?t regret it.

Your turn.

Do you review your major seasonal experiences? How do you review them? What areas do you cover? Got questions about the review process? Drop a comment below.

PS. Did you know that Easter is even earlier next year than it was?this year? Get that calendar invite out!



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