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If you feel stuck at the doorstep of your dreams, remember that Jesus is the door.

Have you ever just walked up to work or school and just stared at the door for a strangely extended period of time? Yeah, me neither, but I feel like a lot of us creatives approach big goals in this way. We approach the goal with the intention to achieve. However, we often find ourselves stuck staring at the door; whether it be in fear of its grandeur or because of very lengthy, meticulous planning, many goals are left at just that – goals. But where does the image of a door fit into all of this?

Well, it’s simple:?The door is Jesus, and?the goal is Jesus.

I propose that a lot of the goals we set for ourselves in ministry are for naught. I’ve been volunteering in my small church’s worship and media teams for the past five years, and I’ve aspired to do some really big things that were completely?out of my league. From putting together and implementing a full lighting system?to completely redesigning our sanctuary, I dreamed big and pretty often.

I’m really thankful to God that He gave me a mind to see what?can?be done, but that isn’t always what?should?be done. I’m not discouraging you to dream?big and to setting grand goals, but?the biggest we can dream for is what Jesus has in store?(see Ephesians 3:20) – and remember:?The door is Jesus, and?the goal is Jesus.

In John 10:7, Jesus says,?”I am the door.” If, as ministers, it is our responsibility to take the next step into the future God has for our ministries, then it is expected that our steps – if we’re following the lead of God – will eventually lead to a door.

This door is not only a goal to be achieved, but the door is Jesus! And so, in reference to the beginning, staring at the doors we face in ministry is not just us staring at goals, but is also us staring at Jesus. This gaze at Beauty is a place to find inspiration, clarity, and revival. But it’s our responsibility to take this beauty and turn it into an experience for God’s children. And what does that require??Walking through the door.

Now, have you ever tried opening a door from 10 feet away? Yeah, I didn’t think so, because something bizarrely fascinating about doors is that you need to be close in order to open them. The same applies to Jesus:?in order to open doors that lead to His will being done in our ministries,?we must first come to Him.

The pursuit of God is essential in the business of building His church; in order to follow His will, we must follow God. And in this journey, we’ll be led to goals, we’ll be led to the doors, and when we meet with them, it’s my hope that we don’t just stand and stare. After all, it really isn’t as hard as we may sometimes make it, because at the end of the day, the door is Jesus, and the goal is Jesus.

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