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Recently I was talking with my 15 year old son. He was having a hard time getting along with his brothers. (Side Note: I have four kids and most of them are pre-teens or full blown teenagers. It?s never a dull moment!) In an effort to have a teachable moment with my 15 year old, I shared with him something that I think we all need to hear. I shared with him the importance of understanding the person or people we are interacting with. I shared with him the importance of helping others succeed as much as we possibly can because that is when we truly succeed.

You see, my son was trying so hard to push his expectations on his brothers that it actually worked against him. I make that mistake more than I would like to. I bet you have too.

What if we changed our mindset and focused on this statement, ?Their success is my success?? How can we lead with that attitude? How can our organizations move forward when we take that stance?

At Church Media Group, I have the opportunity to work with an organization that models this so well. If you?re not familiar with the Church to Church team at Life.Church, you should be. They are just one of many organizations that practice this concept. They literally give away thousands of resources to thousands of churches. If you haven?t seen this before, visit the Life.Church Open Network site,?you?ll see what I?m talking about!

I have witnessed how the Lord has blessed them through their generosity. The amount of trust and influence they have in the ?church community? is indescribable. They have the ability to equip, mentor, and improve the lives of the people they work with and the organizations they partner with.

Why? It?s simple. Their heart is to serve and to see others succeed. They understand that if other churches succeed, the unique mission God gave them will also succeed.

Here?s the thing ? they started this when they were deeply in debt, not when they had plenty. It was a passion play. To honor God through generosity and to equip other churches to further God?s kingdom.

Quick Question: What are some unique ways you can model this in your organization?

I may not have a ?5-Point? blog, or a ?this is how you accomplish that thing you want to accomplish? post. However, I will leave you with one question and one statement. Let it challenge and/or encourage you.

In what ways can you help those you interact with succeed??Make it happen.




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