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We don?t produce a ton of videos at Irving Bible Church, but we put together a video concept for our current sermon series that we think does the job. There are three things we?re trying with this video series that I think contribute to the overall impact, and I wanted to share them with you:

We divided up the scripts.
My first instinct on this kind of project ??six short videos ??would be to give all the scripts to one person or take them all myself. Thankfully, one of my colleagues who really steered this project suggested we enlist six different writers from various departments on our staff and asked them to take a script. The end result: six very personal takes on six different topics in six distinct voices. In other words, perfect.?

We hired actors.?
For one thing, we got better performances from working actors than we would?ve gotten from volunteers, and that has been worth the cost in itself. The other benefit that made actors the right call is that our people aren?t seeing faces they know onscreen, so they?re not distracted by preexisting relationships and any sort of shock or surprise about what our actors are revealing. (By the way, in addition to actors I should also mention that this project was made possible by director/producer Rachael Currie and cinematographer Jordan Smith ??thanks, guys!)

We didn?t wrap them up with a bow.
On the first drafts of the scripts, we resolved them. The character wrestling with shame found freedom at the end of his video, the character struggling with fear found courage at the end of her video, and so on. Then we stumbled into the idea of chopping off that tidy resolution. Instead, we revised all the scripts so that they end in mid-struggle. After all, that?s how life works, right? Plus, the videos are designed to setup the sermon, so they only tell part of the story. Then, the preacher has a starting point and somewhere left to go.?

With all that in mind, here?s the first video in our series:

Thanks for watching! If your team has put together a video project recently, please share a link and tell us about it.



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One reply on “Three Things We’re Trying In Our New Video Series”

I like this, Scott. Especially the last bit. I feel we do our congregations a bit of a disservice by showing perfect resolution…because inside, we know that isn’t really something we can obtain until we’re in Heaven. And even then I have a hard time wrapping my head around that concept.

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