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Whether you manage a facebook page, group, or otherwise, when it comes to social media, engagement is a big deal. It’s what drives and fuels a sense of belonging, connection, and community.

This week, we posted a “Top Contributors” video in our Facebook group, which is not only a fun way to highlight our members, but is a unique engagement opportunity for our group. When it comes to a Facebook group, it’s only as good as your members make it, and a personalized video loop with their faces on it not only lets them know that we’re grateful for their contribution, but celebrates engagement for the whole group to see.

So here’s our step-by-step on how to create a Top Contributors video for your own group.


There are two ways of doing this. The first way only allows you to see your top 10 contributors, but is easier to use. The second allows you to have a full list of all your contributors, in order of the most active, but is a tad more cumbersome. I used a combination of both. (The video loop works better if you have at least 18 contributors.)

Under “Group Insights” select, “More Member Details” in the panel at the top. Once you click on this, Facebook curates a list of your top 10 contributors from the last 28 days. Simply click on their profile photo to download it.

To gather more than 10 contributors, download the full list by selecting “download details” directly above your top contributors list. This will direct download an excel file that gives you a complete list of your group members, in order of contribution. You’ll have to search for the members within your group, based off of the file, and find their profile to download their picture.


We already have templates ready for you, all you have to do is edit them. You’ll find step by step instructions on changing background colors, shapes, etc. Photos are drag and drop. Simply customize the photos, and save. As always, double check your work before posting, you don’t want slides from the template showing up in your facebook group.

[button link=”” newwindow=”yes”] KEYNOTE TEMPLATE[/button]

[button link=”” newwindow=”yes”] POWERPOINT TEMPLATE[/button]



That’s it! Now you do what you do best, ENGAGE THOSE HUMANS.



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