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I don?t know where you?re at right now, but I?m all over the place this morning.

I?ve had a bit of a heavy heart ever since I read this post by my friend Gary Molander, in which he describes some intense struggles with his health and asks for prayer. I hate that he and his family are going through that crazy situation, and if you know Gary or have read his work, you know how I feel.

Like I said, I?ve had a heavy heart. And yet, in thinking about Gary, I can?t help but smile. I can?t help but think about all the ways he has blessed my life and the lives of so many in this weird little world of church artists and communicators. Over the years Gary and I have had the opportunity to work together here and there, and I don?t think he had any idea that he was pastoring me through kindness, vulnerability, and generosity throughout the year, and a hug every summer at Echo.

So, let?s do two things:

1.?Let?s pray for Gary. You can find the specifics on what to pray for here.
2. Let?s follow his lead. What if we all became the kind of generous and encouraging leader that Gary is? Wouldn?t our community and our churches be better for it? There?s no doubt in my mind.

Are you in?



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